The latest with Karen

  My day was very nice, holidays have changed greatly for me since my injury now with noise, light sensitivity, constant raging headaches daily, and dizziness.  I now prepare myself with sound reducing ear plugs, and other things I need to be able to withstand the crowds, this makes me sad I love family and friends but now it is a different landscape….yes once again it’s “Invisible” to family and friends who seemingly forget largely because I look good ,like the Karen they knew who could run 110mph walk talk chew gum loved helping, or hosting a holiday get together.  Now I move in complete gratitude daily yes it’s true and each morning is very intentional with a gratitude, mindfulness prayer then about my day 

So yes I am blessed and oh so thankful to be here  standing upwardly mobile with you, my family and dear friends..all blessings in my life may sound cliche but I assure you couldn’t be more Real, heartfelt 

I may now need to take breaks at holidays from family and all the conversations truth is my brain can’t grasp all of it with the tearing I experienced in my accident…so when I feel the room spinning, or like I’m going to get upset I go to another room, breathe deep like yoga clearing and often begin gratitude prayer, thoughts at that very moment you see I know form years in Nursing and the wonderful people I was privileged to care for, my internal injuries I came very close to being a quadriplegic and or not here today 

So yes it’s a hectic, holiday time and It’s a bit of a love hate relationship for me.. But I am learning in my journey to release the negative feelings about what I used to be able to do and forgive myself, love myself be in gratitude for those who are in my life and love them for truly love really is the best gift.


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