Thanksgiving with Karen

So thanksgiving was here and oh I very thankful I AM!   Gratitude every day and yes I begin each new day in gratitude.  So thanksgiving is wonderful for this one day everyone is joining in – gratitude

With thanksgiving in full swing comes large gatherings family and friends.  Oh how I love that having grown in large warm family the door alway open….a couple of years ago when I had my accident, thanksgiving was a very quiet, “dark” disconnected time .  I struggled with who I am, who I was, the Karen who loved the commotion of family, friends in the house now gone! In a flash, no warning …just gone.     

My world after my accident was one of extreme confusion,and sadness, deep depression  I struggle I look like Karen the world knew but that was on the outside….inside I didn’t know what happened or what to do, the holiday represented an obstacle course if you will filled with family and friends for me to navigate….I tired, grew tired cognitive fatigue, frustration due to balance issues, noise, and light sensitivity. All added to “Karen must go!” And it was that immediate… I would head for a quiet place to rest and all most immediately there was a posse.  Searching for me why did you go? Countless questions ….ugh….round and round my head spinning as if I’m on a merry go round unable to make it stop….   

This year am able to be with friends and family -they somehow seem to get it, a sense do understanding and when I need to go to another room the search team, posse doesn’t follow they allow.   I am indeed grateful to be here in the world.   Showing up  to share my vision, mission shed light on concussion, sports related injury and traumatic brain injury

I am grateful for all of you stopping to read this you enrich my life.  I look forward to sharing more on “Keeping Up with Karen”

Blessings to you


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