“Christmas  A Time of Miracles”


I stopped in to a retail drug store like many this time of year for that one item  we all need  a new roll of scotch tape this the season.  I approached the register  and felt panic raise its ugly head because math is no longer possible for me know with areas of my brain that are torn.  I felt the panic begin to set it in….what to do?   My turn?  Oh no, I paid for my item with a twenty dollar bill and not able to make change, said that’s all I have to employee.  ” which was fine with that being said but no  I then said ” I have an injury I can not do math”   A man replied  near me in line I’m not having a great day, I think I will use that”.   I said ” I had an accident sir”  he replied  and asked when? I recalled the date immediately  it is embedded in my mind the date that without warning suddenly rocked my world.  He replied “where if I may ask ?”

Once  again without having hesitation I told him where my accident took place.  He replied” I was there”   We looked at one another  for a moment and a bit differently in  amazement.   Now  the store employee at the register and another customer in line now engaged in our conversation and palpable moment where time and space seemed to collapse.

This man who was a stranger   Just moments before I was to pay for a roll of tape  now  as we talked  a Christmas Angel

This   person  now in front of me engaged in conversation along with others I  learned  he was there to aid me that dreadful evening.  I wasn’t even aware, to see his face, hear his voice and concern, followed with a smile Indeed made me happy. For years  I’ve worked holidays as a Nurse I had often thought of my patients over the years.

You see he was there  has a volunteer EMT rescue from a nearby town and responded to the call  that  was  horror, and  devastation  for me that unforgetsble night.  He then said “I wondered about you, if you made it?   And if so how you were?”  ” I’ve seen many accidents and you were in tough shape I hoped you made it”. We smiled, they said it all.   I was so grateful to be alive, to be right there.  He said “It’s a small world  you’re right here in front of me, go figure”

I smiled and said “Yes I am here, it’s been a rocky, rough road, that still continues .  It is not about what I can’t do, like the making change at the register which I dreaded – we once again smiled.   It is the fact I am so filled with gratitude and love.now  daily”   He said “he was sorry for what I’ve been through and glad to know I was using all of this for good.”

I said  thank you for that  and for what you do as a volunteer EMT but you see if I hadn’t gone through this   I would not be here now, stepping up in the way I am to share my message, inspire, encourage others… And with that a hug, a heartfelt “Merry Christmas & Happy holidays!” was shared.

Christmas is a time for Miracles & Belieivng!






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