Happy New Year!


So it’s that time of year, New Years!!..

A time when many are making or thinking about making resolutions plans, a time for reflection.

Also I am nearing my anniversary date of my accident, January 4 – it will mark the 3rd year for me as a TBI survivor a youngster in the world of brain injury.  The date  forever etched in my mind that rocked my world and me to my core ,my world went dark.  It left me battered, bruised, broken physical njuries now healed, I look like the “Karen ” the world knew before but, it also left me with the invisble injury of TBI.  I often experience memory loss, leaving blank spaces in my life  as if the film strip  has been cut, a time of sadness I can not even recall  many of childhood memories and my New Years resolutions of 3 yrs ago .  This is such Sharp contrast to who I was before and so frustrating, I was so very Type A and able to multitask  without even a second thought….not missing a step.

Now Karen is here, in fact I move through my day with deliberate action with  each task, fully present nolonger able to multitask  I am “awake ” stepping up into the world in a bold new way.

This New Years  I am happy, excited and oh so Grateful to be here ALIVE and for everyone in my world who has assisted me in my journey, “my new life”.    I understand that the life changing event that occurred almost  3 yrs ago  was the Universe s’ way to get my full attention to bringing me to my souls purpose.  Today I am living on purpose:  blogging, speaking on my radio program  – aligned with like minded fabulous guests, as well as my book which will launch in 2016… My life so richly blessed, so grateful.  None of this is what I had envisioned for myself.  My former life I  thought I “had it all” lacking nothing , nothing to fix , but given the accident and deep loss I endured along with pain  today I know it was all for my highest good.   I am moving forward in gratitude daily and enlightened through this experience.

My message is to encourage each one of you onward.  Just know whatever is or is not going on in your world is  for your highest good, even if you can’t understand it.  It is urging you onward to live fully, discovering your true purpose and to live  a ridiculously happy life.  It’s right there waiting for you!  I want the Best for ALL  of you!

Happy New Year!










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