Resilience The Superpower Inside Us All

We all hear this word resilience today. I didn’t think of myself as resilient until a near fatal car accident several years ago in which my world went dark and I discovered the power of resilience. After the accident, the small still voice inside of me was trying to get my attention. I was battered, bruised, and broken, losing everything the outside world identified me as: my career as a Nurse, my home, and my ability to participate as an athlete. My days were long and filled with appointments, what a sharp contrast my life previously. I was waking up grateful for each new day, beginning the cycle over from one appointment to the next. My life truly was Groundhog Day. Daily I experienced physical pain, emotional pain, and I began to question “Why me? Why all of this? Who am I now? Leave me alone!” I would hear the voice relentlessly, inside, urging me onward. I recall being upset with the small voice thinking to myself “ Leave me alone, I’ve been through enough.” So I said to the voice “I’ve been through enough, leave me alone.” The voice continued and I am indeed grateful for it. With the voice I was taught the gift of Resilience.

Today, I have realized the accident was a great catalyst in my life. I am indeed grateful for the small voice inside and we all have one. I found the superpower of Resilience and began to breathe, feel and think, just maybe I was meant for more in this world after all. Having gone through what some call the dark night of the soul I am now living on purpose! Daily gratitude is a large part of my life. I am in tune with my inner voice that is always guiding and urging me onward. I want to encourage and empower all of you to do the same in this busy multi-tasking world in which we live. If I hadn’t listened to the voice or if it had gone silent, early on when I asked it to, because of my circumstances, what a difference it would have made in my life. It would have made my life a mere existence. Today I am living on purpose, speaking at groups, hosting radio programs, and author “The Resilient Soul” .

What is running your life? What circumstances seem so big or insurmountable that’s it all consuming, like a pair of blinders in our lives. I understand life happens. It is what we do in these moments that matter. They are pivotal points where we can both become overwhelmed and burdened, or we can listen to the small still voice inside ourselves. It is always with us, urging us onward for our highest good, even though we cant see it or believe it because of all we’ve encountered. The super power of Resilience is inside us all and once you’ve awakened to it, it will change your life.

Karen Leavitt


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