The Sky is the Limit

Catch up with Karen this week as she interviews Sacha Fossa. They talk openly about her background and past experiences which included depression and a path of sexual trauma. In learning from her past experiences she had awakenings that along with her MA in Health, Arts and Sciences, serve her as she coaches others to live a life they truly love. We talk about Tantra, what it is, and the different types. Dispel common misconceptions regarding this and how each of us can integrate this in our lives. Discuss forgiveness, trust, self care, self love and the importance of this to overall health. As well as other holistic healing practices that she uses to restore your body, because we are all energy. If you want more energy, vitality, a life you love, and a renewed outlook on intimacy, whether you’re in a relationship or not, join us this week
To learn more about Sacha Fossa please click below
Tune in as Karen interviews Sue Kearney. She is passionate about assisting women to live fully. She and I talk about her life journey, filled with heart and soul. She is passionate about coaching, speaking, and guiding women to manifest their dreams for themselves to live a life they love. We discuss the blocks that arise such as fear, when you step up to create your vision, which can be overwhelming. She offers insight and support on what to do when this happens. We talk about spiritual mindfulness practice(s), what they are, why they’re useful and the importance of play, yes play in our lives. What is a “Deep Dive?’ Who needs one? In addition she talks about how to discover your most Authentic self and bring this to the world and business. Sue is talented, as a coach, branding and web designer, logo design, social media strategy, and for helping women creating their business to live your life fully. It’s all available at
To learn more about Sue click on the link below;
Don’t miss out this week as Karen interviews Rosie Babin. Rosilinda “Rosie” Babin is the mother of a severely wounded warrior, and knows first-hand the challenges that service members and their families face after they’ve been wounded and what the caregivers face when taking care of a severely wounded patient. She herself faced many paths with no clear direction and many “No’s” from places she turned to for help after her son was critically wounded in 2003. Her tenacious, yet gentle way allowed her to see past the no’s to find the answers, guidance and the resources she needed for her family. We talk openly as she shares a parents worst nightmare receiving that dreaded call about their son he’s been seriously wounded and so far from home. What they learned as a family, how they grew and what developed from this tragic situation. The formation of the non profit Help Our Wounded, which serves many veterans, those who so bravely serve to keep us safe at home, and their families as they learn how to live their “new normal”
To learn more about Rosie click the link below:







Listen in as Karen interviews Jeff Sebell. My guest is Jeff Sebell, after suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 1975 from a car accident resulting in frontal lobe and brain stem injuries, was in comatose for 30 days. Jeff has continued to write, and speak, focusing on “living a fulfilled life after brain injury”. He was credited in the book “Brain Injury Advocates”, by Sue Hultgran, with the first use on the web of the term “TBI Survivor”. Jeff’s focus on discovery lead him to write his book “Learning How to Live with Yourself After Brain Injury”, not your typical TBI survivor book. His book is full of new ideas, it is invaluable for those who have experienced a brain injury, or for others who want to better understand what their family member and/or friend(s) is going through.
To learn more about Jeff click the link below

Tune in tonight as Karen interviews Lesley Smith.  Lesley Smith is a humor ambassador of transformation and joy using her unusual gifts a world class ventriloquist, singer/songwriter, actress, speaker to ignite audiences in self discovery and empowerment. Lesley has continued to explore human consciousness and the power of love as the change agent using humor, her characters and music. In 2013 she gathered with some of the top professionals in children’s TV and created a series concept and filmed a proof of concept called “Sammy’s New World it is children’s media brand with a worldwide vision and a heart-centered mission brought to life through the stories of an endearing snail puppet named Sammy and his eccentric friends. They inspire love and respect of oneself and the living earth. Join us as we sit down to talk with Lesley about her vision, journey, and creation of Sammy the snail and shhh….don’t tell him he’s a puppet perhaps Sammy might even join us on the show. Lesley’s message is powerful, heartfelt, and entertaining.

Click the link below to tune in.


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